Give them you.

Monday I went to Murfreesboro as a surprise to our kids – both at MTSU. It was a surprise to me also.

I woke Monday morning and God told me to go. I had been asking for an opportunity to sit down with each to ask their upcoming plans: to ask Darcy her options and plans for summer employment and/or school and to ask Matt his options and plans for completing school.

When God told me to go I checked both their class schedules – He is often kind enough to let me make sure His ideas are good – and the schedules showed there was time to have lunch with Matt and supper with Darcy.

Each of them rents in Murfreesboro to stay focused and closer to school. It seems that when they are home, social and work schedules – theirs and ours – keep us from being able to have “real” conversations.

Monday worked out perfectly.

I was able to meet Matt for pizza (of course) and he was able to sit and talk for about an hour and a half before leaving for work.

Darcy is the weather girl for the school television station – on cable in Murfreesboro and at on the web. I got to watch and “help” her prepare for her 6:30 broadcast, be in the studio for the half hour newscast, then get some supper just off campus.

I was surprised at how fun it was to be involved – even as a spectator – in the newscast. The producers, crew, and on-air personalities were polite and gracious to me and to each other – even when mistakes were made.

And I was surprised that with both Matt and Darcy I was able to talk with them instead of to them. I was able to offer unsolicited advice without a “thus saith your father” tone.

Most of all I was surprised that I was able to speak more fully and openly about God with them.

I was able to tell them that our plans are great. But His plans are best. That when we choose to follow His plan, walk in His will, it gives us a peace that surpasses all understanding.

I told them that with each decision, if they ask God, He will show them His best but they still get to choose. And that’s why God told me to visit them Monday.

It’s easy to share God with someone who asks about your faith. It’s harder to share God with someone who has lived with you and has seen many of your mistakes.

But maybe that’s part of it. Having seen my mistakes may make it easier for them to see that God’s grace covers their mistakes also. Maybe that was the real broadcast for the day.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God and He will tell you His best for you.

Darcy editing her weather slides.


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