TitmouseGive them Round Up.

I used to have a theory about my lawn – anything green stays: if it’s green, it’s good.

Last spring our lawn looked incredible – thanks to Chandler at SodHopperTN.com. But the summer heat killed the fescue this year and a coarse nut grass has sprung up in its place. Now when I cut grass and it will look OK. But if it rains – or even if dew falls – the nut grass will shoot up, making the lawn uneven again, making the grass need cutting every other day.

I had a dream Monday night in which Carey and I were on the motorcycle and pulled into a gravel drive of a house. It wasn’t muddy, but the motorcycle’s rear wheel sank up to the exhaust pipes so that it stood upright without a kickstand.

A woman walked by and asked me to help her find her titmouse.

Our four-year-old grandson Isaac can’t say the word “underpants” without giggling. When I was telling Carey about my dream, I discovered that the word “titmouse” (giggle) is like that for me.

As soon as I told Carey that part of the dream, she said, “A titmouse is actually a bird, isn’t it?”

I didn’t know that – in my dream or in real life.

Back to my dream: I was looking for the woman’s titmouse (giggle.) It didn’t seem like a pest that she wanted to destroy – it was more like a pet that she wanted to return to its nest. But I was looking on the ground, along the walls, where mice run.

In my dream, while searching for the titmouse (giggle,) I looked out the window of the house. Two men had taken the back wheel off my motorcycle. But I felt OK about it – it felt like they were repairing something for me, even though I didn’t know anything was wrong with my motorcycle.

Ira Milligan’s book “Understanding the Dreams You Dream” states that a motorcycle can represent a personal ministry. When I asked God about the dream, He revealed that I do have something wrong in my dealings with people.

I still have a tendency to see the negative in a person before I see the positive. I tend to look down on the ground for the titmouse (giggle) when I should be looking up – I’ll be more likely to find a titmouse (giggle) flying free in the air.

This is the weed in my lawn. And I have many stalks of it. But God and Jesus are helping me fix it in the spiritual realm. It is time for me to act in the physical realm.

When he first saw the nut grass in our yard, Carey’s Dad told us we could get rid of it by sitting in the yard and plucking each one out by the roots. After half an hour of doing that, God showed me that I needed to wipe out the whole field of weeds and start from scratch. I cut the grass as low to the ground as the lawnmower would go and sprayed the lawn with Round Up. In about 10 days I’ll till the dead weeds and grass, then seed or sod weed-free fescue.

Lord, continue to help me keep the weeds out of my lawn and help me look for the titmouse (giggle) in the air.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God where your weeds – and titmice (giggle) are.

Did you really know a titmouse is a bird?

photo credit: Molly258 via photo pin cc


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