Take away your conditions.

Last Friday Carey and I went to Wal-Mart. I had an urge to pray for people.

Not in an “I’m going to pray for you and my prayer will make you well because it is my prayer” way. But in a “Let’s bring a little more of His Kingdom come” way.

Carey had something to return to Wal-Mart – a can of volumizer hair conditioner.

Throughout Wal-Mart I looked for people who needed prayer. But I saw no one with an obvious medical condition. I couldn’t remember going to Wal-Mart without seeing someone in a wheelchair.

That’s when He told me to pray for each person I see. Everyone has some need for which I can pray – I don’t have to know what it is.

That night Carey had a dream in which she was in a camp and it was time for her to take a shower. But she couldn’t find her soap, shampoo, or conditioner. She was especially concerned about finding her conditioner.

As Carey was telling me her dream Saturday morning, she asked me, “Am I looking for certain conditions in life?”

I told her that she is the best I know at looking for and accepting God’s conditions. That God is her conditioner.

We talked a while longer about her dream and decided to go pray for a while.

Now Carey does this all the time – goes somewhere to pray. Almost every time she does, I go do something else. I have told myself I am giving her privacy with God. But I think I knew I really just wanted to go do something else.

And the enemy even tried to distract me this time. As we walked towards the other room, I saw the shelf I had told Carey I would fix for her. I wanted to fix it as I passed it. But I told myself, “No. I’m going to pray.”

As we lay there quietly, I started telling God, “I surrender myself, my thoughts my actions, to You.” But surrender seemed too weak a word, I wanted an unconditional surrender, so I silently said, “I surrender myself unconditionally to You, Lord.”

That’s when His revelation hit me.

He reminded me His love for me is unconditional. Many times I have caught myself loving Him for the things He has given me. I have loved the gifts more than the Giver.

But just that morning I had thanked Him for relationship, not just for the things and people He has given me. I think that opened me up to what He wanted to tell me:

God is not the conditioner.

He gave us free will and many times our own choices create our conditions. Following God is the unconditioner. Doing what He says makes all circumstances, all conditions, irrelevant. If I’m doing what He says, I know it will take me to the place and condition that will best bring in His Kingdom.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. You don’t have to wait for the right conditions to pray unconditionally for the condition of others.

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