More Grace

Give them a magic number.

So I never use all caps when I write.

When I read something written in all caps, it feels like the writer is YELLING AT ME. And I almost never yell.

But this week I was almost out of time on a project for work. We had to get something to the printer to make a deadline and the client kept changing it.

We had already made two changes to it that day, forcing artists to drop what they were doing to make my rush changes. Before making the “last change,” one of the artists noticed an error in the copy.

Since we were out of time, I yelled at the client – on paper. I wrote an email, using some caps: “PLEASE NOTE: the website you gave us is wrong. Please let us know the correct one.”

The client emailed back quickly, thankfully, but replied that the copy should be as it was originally written.

There are times when texting and emailing just don’t get the job done.

I called the client. I calmly said, “I just want to make sure I understand properly. You want us to put the wrong website?”

The client said, “Oh. That is wrong, isn’t it? I didn’t catch that the first time. I’ll call you back in a little bit with the correct website.”

I just said, “Thanks.”

And, sure enough, a corrected website was emailed within the hour.

I asked God what this might mean in the Spirit. Does it mean that yelling never does any good? No. That didn’t seem right.

Then I got the Spirit bumps that I get when I know God is talking to me. He said, “Give as much Grace as you’ve been given.”

Even though I was at work, my eyes began to tear up. Because I know – because He has shown me before – how much Love and Grace He’s given me in my life – I can never give as much Grace as I’ve been given.

Not that He measures how much I give. The point is I can never give as much as He does. I just need to give more.

Kind of like in Matthew 18:21-22 when Peter asks Jesus if he should forgive someone up to seven times and Jesus says, “Up to seventy times seven.”

I don’t think that 490 is a magic number for forgiveness. I think the point is to always forgive. I thanked Him for revealing that to me.

Then, four hours later the same day, the client changed the corrected website to a different website and I laughed out loud.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God where you need to give a little Grace back to Him today.

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