Joy Unspeakable

Give them Joy.

Our seven-year-old grandson Isaac told me he had saved all but three dollars of the cost of a Lego set that he wants to buy.

He wasn’t asking – or even hinting – that he wanted me to pitch in or help in any way. He was just talking with me, sharing a desire of his heart.

I immediately started thinking of how we could single him out from his three siblings to take him – and only him – to get those Legos. And I started planning other things to do at other times with Isaac’s siblings.

Two days later, Isaac’s mom called to say, “Isaac wants to have a date with Gracie. He wants to spend time alone with Gracie playing cards, planning the next Bible study, and going to the bank to exchange his rolled coins for bills.” (Gracie is Carey’s “grandmother name.”)

The enemy immediately attacked me, saying, “That was your prayer. You wanted to spend that time with Isaac. Your prayer was stolen from you.”

The day Isaac came, I was left to unclog the washing machine filter, fix the leaking dishwasher, and return yard tools I had borrowed from Granddaddy.

I was left out. I even lost Carey in the deal.

Then I felt that Spirit wash that tells me God is talking to me. He said, “What is the truth here?”

The truth was: this was exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to fix the washer and dishwasher. I wanted to get the yard tools back where they belonged. I would much rather fix things, get them back in order, than play cards.

In fact, in one fell swoop, God did everything I wanted done. I got to get my tasks done and got to focus attention on Isaac. Gracie and Isaac included me in lunch at Chic-fil-a and all of us shopped for a new dishwasher when I couldn’t fix the old one.

Why was I surprised? That’s what God has always done. He has always provided everything, even when it didn’t look the way I planned for it to look.

The biggest weapon the enemy has is his lies. Even when it goes my way, the enemy will lie to me. I need to quickly recognize the lie and look towards the truth.

I need to know God’s ways well enough to be as close to one with God as I can be (John 17:22.) My prayers need to be to get relationship rather than to get “things” I want.

I need to understand in my head and heart that He knows the things I need before I ask Him (Matthew 6:8) and that the reason I ask Him is because He wants me to ask – He wants me to know Him better.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God if there is a lie you’ve heard today – then ask Him for His truth.


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