Give them Relationship.


After breakfast Saturday morning Carey and I asked God where we were to go to find our best relationship with Him.

He suggested we get in the car and drive.

“He said we are going camping,” Carey added. I said, “I heard we were supposed to bring our tent.”

We own a tent. But Carey and I have never camped together. The tent has been for kids to play in.

We loaded Grandaddy’s truck with the tandem bike, tent, cooler with food and drink, air mattress, generator (how else would we inflate the air mattress,) bedding, clothes, camping chairs, and our little dogs (and their accouterments.) Then we started driving.

First, we went to Beechgrove, TN and looked for remnants of my mother’s side of the family. We almost passed Beechgrove. When we found it, we found no relatives.

Next, we found a Subway sandwich store and stopped for lunch. While outside, giving the dogs some water, we saw a very long parade of cars flying confederate flags.

On the faces of the cars’ passengers as they passed, we saw an unmistakable look of defiance, arrogance, rebellion, and pride.

It was the same look I have seen on peoples’ faces at televised gay pride parades, abortion activist demonstrations (both pro and con,) and even “Black Power” rallies from the 60’s. I wondered if any of these groups have ever recognized the same similar expression on each others’ faces and seen how similar we all are.

We continued driving and eventually made it to Foster Falls.

There were lots of cars in the parking lot, but there was a padlock on the gate to the campground with a sign that read “Closed.”

Just as we discovered this, we saw a park ranger pull into the picnic area parking lot. We followed her and she explained, “We’re doing some renovation. But you can hike your stuff in and camp. It’s only a couple of yards.”

So, Saturday and Sunday we camped, saw a rainbow as we swam in the waterfall, saw a halo in the water as we stood in the water with our back to the sun, hiked over two hours, read books Carey had checked out of the College Grove library, and had the whole campground to ourselves except for one other tent – part of the time.

Late Saturday afternoon, we realized it had taken us five hours to arrive at Foster Falls – it normally takes about 90 minutes. I first thought we had lots of detours, but then I remembered our destination was not the falls, but the lifting of relationship with God.

Though there were dozens of opportunities for disruption and distraction, it was one of the most peaceful and perfect times in a long line of perfect and peaceful times that Carey and I have had together.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God where your relationship with Him is today – He’ll tell you.

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