Letting the Light Shine

Give them Something to Celebrate.

“You don’t want everyone to come today, do you?”

Carey’s question pierced my heart as I finished brushing my teeth to get ready for

yet another Christmas get-together – scheduled for that Sunday morning.

Wait. What? Christmas was over – but it wasn’t. There were twelve adults and ten kids, nine and under, coming to our house in a couple of hours.

I thought I had been doing well with my Christmas spirit. I thought I had hidden my “Bah Humbug,” “enough parties, already” attitude.

But she knows me. Rather, she knows God and He revealed my heart to her.

I could see the disappointment in her face. How could I tell her that was true?

I intentionally didn’t answer her directly, shrugged off the question, and left the room. Before I made it around the corner, I went back.

Why couldn’t I tell her the truth? It always comes to Light eventually anyway. He, nor she, lets it fester in the dark. And it always – always – is better once it is all brought out in the Light. She, nor God, comes back later to hit me in the head with anything I’ve said.

So I told her the whole truth.

I, the selfish I, didn’t want everyone coming today.

What I want is the same thing I want every day: I want to get up, feed the dog, go on my walk with God to the mailbox and back, drink the pitcher of water I drink every day, go to the bathroom, make coffee, have breakfast with her, read part of the Bible or “My Utmost” with her; then follow up on emails and do any work that needs doing, exercise, shower, and all the other things that make a day “normal.”

Then I told her that it doesn’t matter what I want. But I don’t mean that in a victim sort of way. Carey, nor God, has oppressed me or held me back from doing anything I want.

For fifty-five years (or so) I did what I want. Five years ago I told God I want 100% of Him. He told me that Carey is my next step with Him. I know what God told me. I remember what God told me.

Unity is part of what He wants for me. God – the Trinity – is Community (“He was in the beginning with God.” John 1:2.) and He wants me to be part of His Community.

I have lived for five years seeing that what God wants is better. I want God. God wants me. I have seen that is the best: the best for His kingdom, the best for me, the best for everyone.

Sunday I finally saw all of this without God having to hit me in the face – it was in the Light before I could bury it.

Carey listened to my confession quietly, then said, “Thank you,” and hugged me.

I had a great day Sunday. So did Carey. So did God. Sunday He brought more unity into our little community.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God what He wants you to bring into the Light today.


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