Are You Embarrassed?

Give Them Something Embarrassing.

It’s almost Fall, so it’s time to aerate and seed again.

We don’t really try to have our yard perfectly groomed, but we do try to keep it looking nice.

Our friend Chandler has a lawn maintenance business (on Facebook at Sod Hopper Complete Lawn Care LLC) and bought a stand up aerator to help his customers’ lawns. I think he saw me drooling on it at his house one day, so he said I could use it on the weekend when he’s not using it.

Saturday he dropped it off at my house (it is so heavy it would have destroyed my trailer) and showed me how to use it.

It is so, so cool.

The operator stands on it like an Alaskan sled dog musher. But the vehicle is motorized and steers like a zero-turn mower.

There is a pressure gauge that allows the operator to set how deep the tines go. You just step on a button with your foot to tell the machine to push the tines into the ground and the tines sink to the depth set by the pressure control.

Each tine sinks in the ground, then as it turns, pulls a plug out of the ground about the size of a Tootsie Roll, even in hard dirt. It goes faster than I wanted, but after I got the hang of it, it was fun to ride.

I have to admit I felt a little superior – I was using this amazing machine.

It was making my life easier, my lawn was going to look better than ever, and I hadn’t seen anything else like it in our neighborhood – or any other neighborhood.

But before I got too far down that road, I realized I had done nothing to earn this feeling. It wasn’t – it isn’t – my machine. I didn’t even know one existed before Chandler told me about it. I only knew of those heavy, spiked monsters that I have borrowed or rented to drag around my yard.

The use of this machine was a pure gift to me.

Then I felt a flood of emotion. I was embarrassed that I had felt superior, grateful that Chandler had even thought of me, and happy that I got to try out this machine.

Then it moved to a broader scale: the same was true of this home, this family, this life I live. I did nothing to earn this. I don’t own it, I didn’t even know it existed until God just gave it to me.

Then I remembered again what Evangelist Andrew Wommack ( said in a podcast: “If you aren’t sometimes embarrassed at the way God takes care of you, then you haven’t moved into God’s abundance yet. Our Father gets pleasure out of blessing you (Ps. 35:27).”

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God to show you where He is trying to move you into His abundance today.


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