Give Them Something Silly.

I think of myself as always having been older than my age.

I am the oldest of four and often thought I had to be the best – I had to set the pace for others. And that didn’t involve silliness.

Last week Carey and I went to lunch at College Grove Elementary school with our second-grade granddaughter Lilly.

As I was looking around the lunchroom, I saw kids smiling with no reservation, no hesitation, they laughed and smiled so easily.

They never paused to consider what they were saying – they just said it. They seemed so silly. I guess that’s part of being a kid.

But, I thought to myself, I was never this silly.

It looked like it was fun to be silly. The enemy told me I had missed out on something all my life. I think that’s what showed me the enemy had tipped his hand.

Jesus quickly came to my rescue and said, “I saw you look at yourself in the mirror before you left the house this morning.”

I’m sure it added to the day’s silliness, but it was “Decade Day” of “Spirit Week” at school and each kid was dressed in his or her favorite decade.

There was a little boy in a suit, tie, and fedora that looked like he was from the forties; girls in poodle skirts from the fifties; kids in long, straight hair and bell bottoms from the seventies; and a girl with glittery little wristlet things that looked like Madonna in the eighties.

I’m sure there were others that I missed, I’m not that great with fashion.

Lilly – and all of her siblings – were dressed from the sixties. Lilly’s Mom told us about Spirit Week and invited us to help her tie-dye shirts the night before Decade Day. So, we tie-dyed shirts for ourselves, too.

And, since I saw all of the sixties, I added a few touches of my own to my “costume:” a peace sign necklace, ragged cut off jeans, purple granny glasses made from Wal-Mart reading glasses wrapped in purple cellophane, and a random leather strap/headband.

I wanted to go barefoot – in true hippie style – but Carey thought they wouldn’t let me in the cafeteria without shoes, so I wore flip-flops.

And if that wasn’t silly enough, four grandkids, Carey, and I went to the zoo that afternoon in our tie-dyed garb. (Actually, that was quite functional. We could easily see when our group was all together.)

As we were walking into the zoo, a seventy-something year old man took one look at all six of us in our tie-dyed splendor and without hesitation, without a word, held up two fingers in a peace sign as if he had done that every day for the last fifty or sixty years.

Maybe God is happy with my degree of silliness.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God how a little bit of silly might bring a little more peace into your world today.



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