Give them a Covering.

I had this brilliant idea to round up all our leaves, mulch them, let the mulch kill weeds close to the tree trunks, and hold moisture to help the trees make it through summer.

My idea was to put the chipper by the tree trunk, use the leaf blower to blow all the leaves of the tree up to its trunk, then just stand next to the chipper and use a rake to put the leaves in the chipper, letting the crushed leaves be the mulch for that tree.

No hauling, burning, bagging, or otherwise disposing of leaves. Our chipper makes nice looking mulch and I’m doing the environment a favor, right? I borrowed the basic idea from my Spring revelation of using God’s pruning as a covering. (See “Are You in the Covering?”)

I have been trying to prioritize the areas to rake – raking the leaves from the trees with the most leaves fallen so I don’t have to rake again.

Carey asked me to cut grass a few weeks ago. I told her the grass didn’t really need cutting and I wanted to mulch all the leaves.

Mulching leaves isn’t hard work, but many of the leaves are large and need to be pushed into the chipper – they don’t just flow into the machine – so it takes a long time.

I started running out of time.

Many trees had lost all their leaves and I hadn’t blown the leaves to the trunks. When I started blowing leaves, I realized the grass was longer than I knew. Carey was right. It needed cutting.

I finally decided to cut the grass in an area where I had mulched. It looked so much cleaner that I continued cutting in areas where I hadn’t mulched.

I quickly learned that I could drive the mower in a circle around the tree, chopping leaves while blowing leaf parts towards the trunk, killing two birds with one stone. The mower took the place of the leaf blower and was much faster. And even with one pass, the mower cut the leaves some, making the leaves smaller, allowing them to feed faster into the chipper when I stopped the mower to feed into the machine.

Sometimes I get so pig headed I don’t think straight. I get something in my brain that just won’t leave without a push. Thankfully, Carey knows how to push me without dropping me off a cliff.

Her suggestion to cut the grass led to the best solution. Often, her suggestions are from God and I don’t recognize them as such.

I moved in the right direction, but not all the way there until I saw again that God’s ways are better than anything I can concoct.

In Ezekiel 47:12 and Revelation 22:2 leaves are used for medicine – to heal the nations. Lord, let these leaves lead me to total obedience to You.

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God today where you can’t see the trees for the leaves.


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