Holy Seal

Give them revelation. Last Friday I asked and God released me from what I hope is one of the last vestiges of my self. It started when Lindsey called Friday morning to ask if we would watch her four kids over the weekend. In my answer to that question, spoken only to my self, God … Continue reading Holy Seal


Submit to them. Our grandson Corban was born August first, making him almost two months old when Nathan, Ashley, and Corban came from Knoxville to our house last Friday. It was Corban’s first visit to our house, first time spending the night away from home, and his first time meeting his four cousins, ages 7 … Continue reading Submitting

Worship at Mickey D’s

Give them worship. I don’t like to brag, but we went to McDonald’s for supper Sunday night. Carey and I watched the grandkids (now three, four, and five years old) and I was looking for one last fun thing before taking them back. I think I’ve only eaten at McDonald’s five or six times in … Continue reading Worship at Mickey D’s

When a Duet Doesn’t Do It

Give them a song. Carey plays piano, I sort of/kind of play guitar. But because I don’t sing well (see my columns from 12/9/2005 and 7/26/2003 at http://www.everydayisprecious.com,) I don’t sing often. Our grandson Japeth has taken an interest in the piano and Carey taught him to play “Amazing Grace” amazingly well for a five-year-old. … Continue reading When a Duet Doesn’t Do It