Are You Healed?

Give Them Healing. Carey and I have struggled with the whole healing thing. Healing has divided lots of churches and lots of believers. Some say healing only happened in Biblical times. Others say Jesus still heals today – we just have to ask Him. In many circles, praying for someone to be healed is not … Continue reading Are You Healed?

The Power

Give them the Power. Carey and I went to Home Depot week before last to pick up some toilet bolt caps before the home inspector came to our house for his inspection. As we were pulling into the parking lot, Carey showed me a text message our son-in-law Jarratt had sent her that morning. It … Continue reading The Power

Toasting Both Sides

To life eternal. My son Nathan married Ashley last Saturday in a beautifully sweet, record-breakingly warm ceremony in Knoxville. Technically he’s my stepson, he’s Carey’s son by her late husband Duray. But stepson sounds so cold and stepfather sounds wicked, like Cinderella’s evil stepmother. The whole family structure nomenclature easily causes lots of confusion, especially … Continue reading Toasting Both Sides