How Now

Give them a way to surpass. It was a great Christmas present: a glorious sunrise. I could see the reflection of the pinkish-red swirls blazing on the fronts of all the houses across the street as I walked up our driveway, westward. It was amazing. It looked as if each house had been built to … Continue reading How Now


Give them the tune. We have an intercom system in our house. I sometimes enjoy listening to the radio over the whole house, but songs you really want to hear either come around too frequently or too infrequently. And the commercials can be maddening. So the intercom sat silent almost all the time. Four or … Continue reading uPod

When a Duet Doesn’t Do It

Give them a song. Carey plays piano, I sort of/kind of play guitar. But because I don’t sing well (see my columns from 12/9/2005 and 7/26/2003 at,) I don’t sing often. Our grandson Japeth has taken an interest in the piano and Carey taught him to play “Amazing Grace” amazingly well for a five-year-old. … Continue reading When a Duet Doesn’t Do It